Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Irish boy band linked to Islamist terrorism!

It's just what David Trimble said would happen: the complacent attitude to the IRA in the Irish Republic is an example of the slippery slope that leads all the way to al Qaeda. And, courtesy of the geniuses at the US Department of Homeland Security, we now have not just general proof of this assertion, but specific new suspects in the War on Terror: the members of boy band Boyzone. Don't be fooled -- behind those innocent faces designed to please the teenage squealers lies the brains of a devious scheme to channel funds to al Qaeda.

It works as follows: Boyzone has huge hit in Ireland and Britain with song "Father and Son." This is a cover version of a song by Cat Stevens. Cat Stevens is now known as Yusuf Islam. Yusuf was on a United Airlines flight from London to Washington -- which had to be diverted to Bangor Maine when it was discovered that someone on a terrorism watchlist had made it onto the flight: the aforementioned Yusuf. The Homeland Security people are sticking to their position that he's on a national security watchlist and will be put on the first flight back to the UK. So it must be true, right? The royalties from Father and Son could conceivably have supported terrorism.

The Trimbleites must always have been suspicious that the colours of Irish nationalism and Islam are both green. Clearly, the colours don't lie.

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