Thursday, September 16, 2004

Maybe he means the liberal attitude to plagiarists

So maybe we're overdoing the Andrew Sullivan criticism, which is really the province of Sullywatch. But there's just too much material. Today:

I remember back when I was editing [The New Republic]...[anecdote that of course he gets wrong]...and we were running a liberal opinion magazine.

We've noticed that even our sophistamacated European friends do indeed walk around with the idea that the New Republic is a "liberal" magazine. But it just ain't so -- it really has a niche in what our other world referred to a few days ago as "counterintuitive" "journalism," but let's just reach back into Google history and see what we find about the mag under Sully's editorship:

When The New Republic devoted almost an entire issue (10/31/94) to a debate with the authors of The Bell Curve, editor Andrew Sullivan justified the decision by writing, "The notion that there might be resilient ethnic differences in intelligence is not, we believe, an inherently racist belief."

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