Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Not the first place you'd think has too many visitors

From Bahrain News Agency ... a Gulf Air flight departs from Bahrain for Kabul, Afghanistan, Kabul Airport presumably knows it's coming, but when it gets to Kabul, it's refused permission to land --

The Afghan authorities recently advised the airline to reduce its flights from four to two per week without justifiable reason and in direct contravention of the bilateral agreement in place between The Kingdom of Bahrain and Afghanistan which permits Gulf Air to operate 8 flights per week. Gulf Air was therefore operating in accordance with its schedule and the bilateral agreements in place between Bahrain and Afghanistan. 

As such the refusal to permit landing directly contravenes the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)agreements and protocols in this regard. Furthermore, none of the other airlines operating higher frequencies into Kabul have been subjected to such punitive measures.

As in such cases, one has to guess whether incompetence or a hidden agenda is at work.  But it does appear that 10 years of war hasn't even gotten Kabul a proper air traffic control system.

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