Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Somehow this is going to end up as evidence against global warming

From the US Dept of Justice lawsuit alleging that Ireland-based Full Tilt poker was a Ponzi scheme; this is the section dealing with how Full Tilt was running its payments through fake fronts so that US banks wouldn't know they were dealing with a gambling operation --

In another example, in or around June 2009, Franzen, the defendant, working with multiple co-conspirators, created a phony business called “Green2YourGreen” to be used to disguise payments from U.S. gamblers destined for each of the Poker Companies.  Franzen’s coconspirators falsely told multiple United States banks insured by the FDIC, including Citibank and Wells Fargo Bank, among others, that “Green2YourGreen” was a “direct sales” business that allowed consumers to buy environmentally friendly household products and sell them to other consumers in return for commissions.  Indeed, the phony Green2YourGreen website that Franzen’s co-conspirators created to disguise the gambling transactions listed numerous products that were purportedly for sale and contained “testimonials” about the benefits of green living.

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