Friday, July 15, 2016


Gilles Keppel today in the wake of the Nice Bastille Day attack --

Or, revenant sur les politiques, il livre un diagnostic sans concession, fustigeant un "débat minable, pas du tout à la hauteur du défi. Notre classe politicienne est nulle face à cela, elle donne le sentiment de courir derrière l'événement, d'être intéressée surtout par ses chamailleries".

[politics .. a shabby debate which doesn't rise to the challenge. Our political class is empty in the face of it, giving the sense of always being behind the event, interested only in their bickering].

With a day's worth of trite political statements already underway, difficult to disagree with that.

Incidentally, on the Gilles Keppel-Olivier Roy feud, we tend to agree more with Roy, but the differences seem to be somewhat exaggerated anyway partially because of their different philosophical approaches. 

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