Friday, June 03, 2016

And they didn't mean doubtful

Great detail in a Uganda New Vision article about what British colonial planning meant for the African natives --

The first Physical Plan for Kampala was drawn based on what is referred to as Simpson’s 1912 recommendations. Around this period, Simpson, a British Urban Economist was tasked by the colonial government to provide spatial advice on the development of Kampala. This resulted into Simpson’s report that divided Kampala into 3 major zones namely: i) Kololo which was planned for the settlement of the colonial state officials ii) Parts of Kamwokya and Kira Road which were cadastrated for the Indian Business Community and the Northern parts of Kawempe, Kawara, Bwaise and Kanyaanya which were layed out as the “Sceptic Fringe”. Actually, the parts of Kira Road and Kamwokya were to act as Buffer between the high class colonial settlement and the Northern corridor “sceptic fringe” for “security” from disease vectors such as mosquitoes and others.

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