Tuesday, June 14, 2016


With Orlando rightly getting so much attention, the ISIS-inspired murder of a couple in a Paris suburb is not so prominent. Yet this case, apparently reflecting a specific ISIS strategy of encouraging loyalists to develop lists of public officials to kill, is no less disturbing.

But just plain astonishing is the legal history of the now deceased assassin Larossi Abballa. He was convicted of being part of a jihadi transit ring to Pakistan in 2013 -- but given just a three-year sentence, with 6 months suspended, whereupon the sentence became time already served on remand. So he was out!

Said the lawyer for one of the other 8 charged with him --

«Ce ne sont pas de dangereux terroristes mais des pieds-nickelés, de jeunes paumés sans repère et incultes, qui se cherchaient une identité dans l'islam radical», avait soutenu Me Georges Sauveur, avocat de Saad Rajraji.

Misfits looking for an identity in radical Islam. Over the subsequent 3 years, Abballa traveled a path to be a depraved murderer. 

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