Thursday, June 23, 2016

Facts have a well known liberal fascist bias

Noted European Union expert Jonah Goldberg writing at National Review's The Corner --

The smart [European Union] set insisted that a common immigration policy would be an unalloyed economic boon while dismissing any concerns about possible social or economic upheavals. To disagree was to declare yourself not only a crank but a bit of a racist. This species of political correctness led government officials to turn a blind eye to countless problems, including the notorious Rotherham sexual-abuse epidemic in which about 1,400 minors, mostly white girls, were raped and trafficked by men of South Asian descent. The European Union’s bureaucracy and paper-parliament were set up to be as insulated as possible from the concerns of actual voters. Representatives to the European Parliament are selected by party elites as a kind of highbrow patronage.

1. Those ethnic South Asians involved in the Rotherham scandal were, er, ethnic South Asian and therefore were in the UK because of the UK's own immigration policies towards non-EU migrants, which are not an EU policy area.

2. The European Parliament is the EU's only directly elected body. He might have it confused with the European Commission/

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