Saturday, June 04, 2016

Bush v Gore is still a problem

George Will (in an annual pundit ritual, suddenly filing from Europe during the summer) --

Britain, too, is infected with political silliness ... Corbyn is an apple that did not fall far from the tree: His parents met at a rally advocating peace in the Spanish Civil War. They got their wish. Peace came. When Gen. Francisco Franco came to Madrid. Corbyn is a vegetarian who does not own a car. He does own — perhaps Al Gore knows why; Gore went through an earth tones phase — many beige clothes bought from street vendors.

Al Gore and "earth tones" (he forgot the Naomi Wolf part) is the crowning idiocy of the 2000 presidential campaign coverage -- a campaign that would conclude with a historic disputed election, and then 9 months later, after earth tones and sharks, with hijacked planes being used as weapons. So it's really something for Will to refer to that in a column wondering where the silliness of the current crop of politicians came from. 

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