Saturday, June 25, 2016

Exit from facts

George Will joins the strutting parade of conservative pundits on Brexit --

Project Fear was the relentless and ultimately ludicrous parade of Cassandras, “experts” all, warning that Britain, after more than a millennium of sovereign existence, and now with the world’s fifth-largest economy, would endure myriad calamities were it to end its 23-year membership in the E.U.

It's 43 years. [error still appears on Washington Post version of the article Saturday morning hours after it was posted]

He later ascribes significance to a Breitbart-sourced phenomenon of the "hipster right" in Paris (unworried by the opaque meaning of the term "hipster") and caps it off with another reference to 60-70 percent of British laws being made in Brussels, as he did during the campaign.

He concludes

Actually, Brexit was the choice for Britain’s international engagement as a nation.

That's about as elementary a misunderstanding of Britain as one could have, being (with its UK definition), 4 nations.

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