Sunday, June 26, 2016

Partitioned mind

The Democratic Unionist Party's Gregory Campbell on the Stephen Nolan show, BBC Radio 5 last Friday night, being challenged on the fact that Northern Ireland voted Remain when the in-government DUP position was Leave --

Campbell: ... This was a UK-wide referendum, I don't think we can start picking and choosing which part of the UK voted which way
Nolan: Scotland can.
Campbell: They say they can, but it's a bit like the MP who wins his constituency and a couple of hundred people in a small village or town in a part of it say But we didn't vote for you ... the overall area is the UK and the UK voted the way it did

The interview begins at the 3:06 mark, and is a case study in DUP tribal insularity and obliviousness to the logic of their position on Ireland.

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