Monday, February 07, 2005

Big Audio Dynamite

We've decided to reinterpret Dubya's presidency -- it turns out that it's actually an extended riff on various themes in popular culture. The unfortuate demise of John Vernon, aka Dean Wormer from Animal House, reminds one of Dubya's boozy college years (and a good few years afterwards, too). And to stay with the college years topic for a second, since we know he's reading Tom Wolfe's trashy novel devoted to the modern version thereof, could it be that this is accompanied by his own compare and contrast exercise with the more, er, innocent antics of Delta House?

But we're only just getting started. Today brings news that, contrary to the apathetic approach of the mainstream media to the story, there's actually pretty substantial circumstantial evidence that Dubya was wired during the presidential debates. Now whereas Dubya's traditional defenders at the National Review Online and Wall Street Journal editorial page will defend the wire on the grounds that it was a waste of The Exalted One's time preparing for the debates, we'd rather see Dubya's wire as a witty pop culture reference to great moments in hidden audio assistance.

Perhaps it was one of his hip twin daughters who liked the parallel of the earpiece stunt to the funny Sondra Lerche song-contest video for Two-Way Monologue, so we recommend that, if you have the speakers and the connection speed, that you check that one out yourself [go to the link for that song title with the photo above it; the first link is for a live performance only].

But for Dubya himself, a child of the sixties, surely he must have loved the similarity of his own situation with that of Goldfinger. Not to mention that Goldfinger's cheating was taking place in Miami Beach, with Dubya's just down the road in Coral Gables. One more compare and contrast: unlike with the Sondra Lerche video and Goldfinger, Dubya hasn't yet been officially caught in the act. But can Karl Rove correspond to anyone other than Oddjob?

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