Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Found Associations

Even as conservative bloggers discover that blogging is much better as an instrument of dissent rather than establishment -- and therefore decide to quit -- our vast readership can rest assured that BOBW will remain quite operational.

In fact, today we launch an occasional feature, truly matched to our mobile technology age (although we think someone must have had this idea before) in which we report the words that our Nokia mobile phone text message screen suggested as we gave it more numeric input letters of our desired word.

Thus today, when entering the word "right" (as in "right-winger"), it suggested:



UPDATE: As a quick postscript to our opening remark above, we can now explictly observe that the seeming analogy of Sully's anguish towards Kaus a few days ago with a Jane Austen line is not paralleled in a happy ending for the two whiners.

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