Friday, February 18, 2005

Crooked high jinks

Perhaps it's something about the nature of financial shenanigans, or at least the ones that get reported, that the practitioners have some need for jokes as they pursue their schemes. A while back we noted how the Citibank bond traders trying to manipulate a market amused themselves with Austin Powers references for their tactics. Now, following up our previous post about the busted IRA money laundering operation comes the revelation:

A suspected Real IRA member who was arrested with euro 94,000 at Heuston Station has been remanded in custody at the Special Criminal Court.
The court heard that 30-year-old Don Bullman from Leghanamore, Wilton in Cork was suspected of being involved in an IRA money laundering operation.
GardaĆ­ found a box of Daz washing powder containing the euro 94,000 in cash on the back seat and also recovered six mobile phones.

A money laundering operation using boxes of washing powder. Hilarity ensues.

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