Monday, February 07, 2005

Limited Supply

Bad news from the music industry today as record company EMI issued a profit warning and the share price crashed 16% as a result. The company was clear about the source of the profit shortfall:

It blamed poor sales since Christmas and delays to the releases of new albums by Coldplay and Gorillaz.

For the lack of anything better to blog about, we note the position of the unfortunate EMI shareholders, who don't have the same trick available as Coldplay in The Scientist video to make time go backwards after a troubling event, by which reckoning the share price would be up 16%. We also wonder whether the BBC headline writers, if not the EMI chairman and CEO, are engaging in similar Coldplay wordplay with this section of the story:

'Not scientific'

Commenting on the delay to the release of the Coldplay and Gorillaz albums, Mr Levy [chairman & CEO] said that "creating and marketing music is not an exact science and cannot always coincide with our reporting periods".

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