Sunday, February 20, 2005

Worlds collide

It looks like we now have a pretty good read on what Andrew Sullivan meant when he said he was giving up blogging; most likely because the critics were getting to him, the new mode is to pop up and lob pleasing observations to the world and then be gone before fire is returned. Thus it will be the same intellectual heft as before, but now he'll be The Elusive One, they'll seek him here, they'll seek him there ... let's just have Ray Davies take over at this point:

And when he does his little rounds,
'Round the boutiques of London Town,
Eagerly pursuing all the latest fads and trends,
'Cause he's a dedicated follower of fashion.
etc etc.

So Saturday's little rounds include a Quote of the Day extracted from Slate that brings together two of his recurring themes: ever present gay subtexts in manly worlds (except the White House) and his longstanding endorsement of steroids. In fact, his disillusionment with Dubya may even date from Dubya's War on Steroids, instead of the more frequently cited War on Gay Marriage or War on Fiscal Solvency.

The quote in turn just dwells on the weird anecdote from baseball slugger Jose Canseco's book, in which he alleges that he and Mark McGwire used to adjourn to a men's bathroom stall to shoot up their performance enhancing drugs. An image Sully loves.

But there's one problem. It is precisely this anecdote that features amongst the biggest doubts about Canseco's story -- because the two giant sluggers wouldn't have fit in any of the Oakland Athletics stalls. But why should simple matters of feasibility interfere with a good gay 'roid story?

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