Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New Orleans-on-Indus

Powerline, a couple of days ago:

In developed countries like the United States, earthquakes take far less of a human toll because of superior construction techniques. This is one of countless instances where prosperity, which is so often and so unfairly maligned, saves lives ... And the only requirement for prosperity is freedom. This isn't the most important reason why our foreign policy should be centered on promoting freedom abroad, but it is certainly on the list. Helping promote free enterprise in the underdeveloped world will do far more good than any amount of foreign aid.

A Wall Street Journal editorial (subs. req'd) on Tuesday:

Longer term, what Pakistan needs isn't another round of development financing. It needs economic growth, sustained by free markets, transparent institutions and the rule of law.

Just when the New York Times starts charging for content is not the time for its competitor to be recycling trash from the Powerline boys.

UPDATE 13 OCT: Dave Weeden in correspondence notes an earlier provenance for this death toll-driven-entirely-by-wealth of nations meme in a Mark Steyn column. Links, with trenchant commentary, here.

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