Tuesday, October 11, 2005

She's Come So Far!

It should be noted that we only buy InStyle magazine for the articles. Such as the feature in this month's issue about the L.A. home Jeri Ryan (late of Star Trek: Voyager, now, sadly, on The O.C.) shares with French boyfriend Emé. While we were hoping for some discussion of Jeri's ex, Jack Ryan (you remember, the guy who made her go to skeezy sex clubs so other people could watch him getting it on with his hot wife, which was described in their divorce papers, leading him to drop out of the Illinois senate race), we never thought we'd see such a zinger as blatant as this:

Talking about the living room with the 17th-century French columns and antique Italian sideboard "where the couple host game nights," she notes, "We're nerds. We don't go to nightclubs--we stay home and play Monopoly."

As George would say: "Stickin' it!"

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