Monday, November 14, 2005

Blog scooped by dead-tree edition

Did Andrew Sullivan decide to inform his readers today of his impending move inside the deflector shield only after he realized that today's New York Times print edition was going to mention it in a by-the-way (but complimentary) fashion in an article about what the NYT sees as tasteless coverage of crimes and mayhem in Manhattan? --

Blogs can be serious enough and conventional enough in execution to fit in with mainstream media (as will be the case when will begin running in January)

which Sully, perhaps feeling defensive about now being in the dreaded mainstream media, explains as:

I like to think of it as a moment when the blogosphere and the MSM made touchdown. We're distinct but more connected. Maybe others will follow; others still may stay where they are. Good for them. May a thousand bloggy flowers bloom. But this one will now get a real gardener to nurture it

As bizarre a melange of metaphors and expressions from rugby, American football, Scooter Libby's aspens letter, Mao, and even, peripherally, Led Zeppelin, as we've seen in a while.

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