Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Sarcasm without facts

Christopher Hitchens shows how it's done, participating via his latest piece for Slate in the War on Murtha:

Even Rep. Murtha glimpses his own double-standard futility, however dimly, when he calls for U.S. forces to be based just "over the horizon" in case of need. And what horizon, my dear congressman, might that be?

Err ... if you'd read what the Congressman actually said, you'd know: Kuwait --

Q My other question. What do you mean exactly by a Quick Reaction Force in the region?

REP. MURTHA: ... What I'm talking about is a terrorist camp that may affect our national security or the security in the region, we could go back in. But not a civil war or something like that, I mean, you know, that's up to the Iraqis to settle that. So I think the Marine force could be in there momentarily, within a couple of days, within 48 hours they could be in there. And if the Kuwaitis would agree and they wanted to put a force in Kuwait, that would be a good place to have them. They could go right down the road.

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