Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Dublin GWOT event guide

Filling out some missing details in our earlier post, Free Stater informs us that it is in effect Global War on Terror/Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism Week on the campus of Trinity College Dublin. Cliff May and his dope rhymes are headed to the Phil on Thursday night, while the Hist (seemingly with a smaller travel budget) is settting loose the hounds of peace (Fintan O'Toole and Robert Fisk) against Richard Waghorne of the Freedom (sic) Institute (sic) on Wednesday night.

In the spirit of Pajamas Media i.e. distributed news gathering via blogs, although without the Pajamas Media incompetence, we will point you to an eye-witness account of the events should one become available. Your best bets are at the aforementioned Free Stater and the Freedom (sic) Institute (sic) watchers at FI Fie Foe Fum .

UPDATE: Here's another observation about Cliff May. On his blog at his foundation, he cites an analysis by "Scholar Michael Ledeen." Scholar? How about Man Who Despite Ranting About Iran Seems to be Intermediary in Getting Iran What it Wants? Indeed, we'd love if the Hist or Phil would really stir things up with the motion that "This House Believes that US Republican Presidents Implement the Foreign Policy Preferences of Iran." The tricky part of the proposition is squaring it with US policy towards Israel, so that needs further thought.

And here's more on Pajamas Media, including the May-Ledeen connection from James Wolcott [also here].

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