Friday, November 04, 2005

The War on Pacifists

We were going to do a longer post in this opinion article from Friday's Wall Street Journal but the basic point is simple. Its target is Christian pacifists:

Despite the record of gruesome violence since 9/11, many Christian leaders still refuse to confront the radical evil of militant Islam. Just last month, for example, England's House of Bishops released a report -- "Countering Terrorism: Power, Violence and Democracy Post 9/11" -- that managed never to mention the horrific intentions of Osama bin Laden in the course of its 100 pages. Instead, al Qaeda is likened to the Irish Republican Army.

Apparently, being compared to the IRA is a compliment. Anyway, since Christian pacifists have zero influence on how the GWOT/GSAVE has been conducted, the article (by someone from the Heritage Foundation) stands as a good example of a conservative whose opinionating is driven solely by annoyance that there are people out there who don't agree with him.

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