Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Caught red-handed -- or not

Multinational Force Iraq press release --

Iraqi Special Operations Forces captured a mid-level Special Groups leader in the al-Shuala area of Baghdad, May 25.

The ISOF conducted a successful operation to capture the suspected leader of a 300-member criminal group who is accused of kidnapping and murdering Iraqi citizens and is affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. The suspect is an employee for the Ministry of Interior.

All so tantalising -- Special Groups (the Pentagon phrase for Iran-linked rogue militias), affiliation to IRGC.

Just one problem revealed at the end. He was an Iraqi government employee. Note also the link to the Ministry of Interior, which is indeed an Iran-linked ministry -- via its control by the Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council, the favoured Shiite grouping of the US government.

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