Friday, May 02, 2008

Praying to whom?

George Bush, finishing up an extended tale, that he has told many times before, about being asked to choose a rug for the Oval Office --

Here's an interesting lesson about the presidency and life in general, if you're delegating. I said to Laura -- I said, I want the rug to say "optimistic person comes to work." I didn't say, here are the colors. In other words, I left the tactics to her, and the strategic thought was mine. The strategic thought is, behind that, is that you can't possibly lead unless you're optimistic that tomorrow is going to be better. And just so you know, I hope at least one thing you come away from this is, I am absolutely optimistic, in my very soul and very core, that in the defense of America, we're laying the foundation for peace.

And so the rug looks like the sun. And you walk in, man, I'm telling you, it is optimistic. (Laughter.) It's a fabulous rug. (Applause.)


Q I just want to start by saying that my mom prays for you every day. (Applause.)

Prayer that he can make a good choice of rug?

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