Monday, May 05, 2008

It's a shout-out to Benedict

Amid tough competition, perhaps the strangest aspect of fin-de-siecle George Bush is the tilt towards his own brand of Catholicism [ABC Good Morning America] --

Q Jenna did not want to get married here at the White House, wants to get married at the ranch in Crawford. So what have you done to make it special there? I know that it's always special at the ranch, but for this wedding?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, one thing we did -- I'll let Laura -- she's been in charge, but my one contribution is to -- we put a giant cross made out of Texas limestone that will serve as the altar, but also serve as a landmark on our place for years to come.

Q That's beautiful. So it's right there -- that's where the altar --

THE PRESIDENT: That's where she's going to get married, right in front of this Texas limestone altar with a cross on it -- by our lake.

Protestants don't do giant crosses. This sounds like one that he wants to be able to see from Air Force 1. One wonders what the Middle East will make of the wedding photos.

UPDATE: Picture added. There seems to be Stonehenge aspect to the cross -- both in terms of the altar and Bush's description of it as "giant" relative to its actual size, suggesting a Spinal Tap-esque mistake over the dimensions.

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