Sunday, May 25, 2008

Not even trying

White House statement, on a day when George Bush wore his biggest ever flag pin and tried not to sound too elitist ("We just choppered in") --

I congratulate Michel Sleiman on his election as President of Lebanon. I am confident that Lebanon has chosen a leader committed to protecting its sovereignty, extending the government's authority over all of Lebanon, and upholding Lebanon's international obligations under UN Security Council Resolutions, including 1559, 1701, and 1757. I am hopeful that the Doha Agreement, which paved the way for this election, will usher in an era of political reconciliation to the benefit of all Lebanese.

They've mis-spelled his name. It's Suleiman. And that Doha agreement hailed by the statement is the one that gave Hezbollah veto power in the government.

UPDATE: It appears to be a French spelling. We're a long way from Freedom Fries.

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