Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Detachable Cheney

Thursday of this week [July 5] will mark one full month since any public event featuring US Vice President Dick Cheney, or at least any event rising to the level of being documented by the normally meticulous White House website1. As far as we can see, this marks the longest gap between appearances since Cheney become VP. While Cheney's reputation might lead one to fear that silence indicates something really nefarious going on, Cheney was always adept at keeping his schemes moving even while being more active publicly.

So where is he? Is he deemed so toxic to public opinion that the political types at the White House no longer want him out in the open? Or could it be that his absence supports rumours of a summer plan to ease him out? A little idle speculation for a particularly hollow 4th of July.

1 There was one appearance at an American Enterprise Institute event in Colorado, but Cheney with AEI counts as private, not public. And [update 5 July], one month ago today seems to mark his last public appearance on Capitol Hill. [UPDATE: He attended a Republican Senate lunch "last week" (as of 7 July)]

FINAL UPDATE: The only event Cheney has been documented attending in the last few weeks is the weekly Senate Republican lunch.

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