Saturday, July 07, 2007

He completes her

Fans of Condi Rice's occasional verbal slips and double entendres will have a field day with her CNBC interview yesterday. For example, did she hint that she'll resign as Secretary of State early in 2008? --

QUESTION: Would you consider being a running mate of any of the declared or undeclared GOP candidates?

SECRETARY RICE: I'll be back -- I'll be headed back to Stanford and there'll be great people to step forward. I'm sure of that.

The implication of her pre-correction statement being that she'll already be in Stanford when the Republican candidate is shopping for a running mate.

But the main high-jinks ensure with her discussion of her relationship with George Bush --

You know, when I was -- first met then Governor Bush, it was actually not foreign policy that attracted me to him. It was because he cared so much about education, and when he talked about the soft bigotry of low expectations of minority children, he had me at that point because I've seen it.

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