Monday, July 30, 2007

Unique, indeed

Dick Cheney in an interview for CBS --

Q What do you make of the campaign as it's going so far? I know you want to stay neutral, and I'm not asking you to take issues, but you must watch with great interest what the Democrats are up to.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Sure, I watch with great interest on both sides, both Republicans and Democrats. Our presidential campaigns are one of the unique and distinguishing features of our society. And the process by which we select Presidents and then hold them accountable is unique in many respects here in the United States.

If by "unique" he's referring to not selecting presidents by popular vote majorities, declaring some kind of legal immunity in the face of every attempt to hold them accountable, and leaving the head of government in place even after he's lost the support of the legislature, then he's right.

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