Monday, July 23, 2007

A Blitz of corn husks

Tomorrow sees the release of a Dick Cheney hagiography by Stephen Hayes. The promotion machine is in full swing as Hayes writes an e-mail to Powerline readers, via "Trunk", about the book and its subject --

The result is a meaty biography that traces Cheney’s life from his birth in wartime Nebraska (1941)

Thus an utterly gratuitous attribution of wartime experience to the infant Cheney -- one shared in terms of date by hundreds of millions of other people, many of whom were a lot closer to the frontlines than Nebraska. But with a later military career encompassing 5 deferments from the war he was actually eligible to fight, and then a great eagerness to send others into war in his political career: you write up the military experience that you have, not the one that you'd want.

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