Saturday, July 07, 2007

The suffering sweepstakes

Condi Rice, in an interview with Maria "Money Honey" Bartiromo --

QUESTION: Looking at Afghanistan and Iraq. We have lost almost 4,000 people, closing in on $500 billion and the end result has been a civil war. In your own heart and in your mind, do you think this war has been worth it?

SECRETARY RICE: Certainly, the difficulties and the sacrifice in Iraq and the sacrifice in Afghanistan are difficult to look at every day. I think that it's even more difficult for those who had a responsibility in leading the country to war, and I know how strongly the President feels about that sacrifice, and you can never ever give back the lost family members, the fathers, the sons, the daughters. You can never do that.

This bizarre construction rates the sacrifice of war in terms of how it looks, and then claims that's trumped by it being more difficult for the leaders to look at. If we couldn't see it, for example this guy, would there be any sacrifice at all?

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