Monday, July 02, 2007

Let the leaks flow

As the inevitable off-the-record briefings by securocrats begins, a few of the tidbits being tossed --

[Wall Street Journal, subs. req'd] U.S. federal law-enforcement officials say there are links between some of the suspects in London and individuals in New York and California, and that they are being monitored closely. ...

One suspect in the most recent attempted attacks is Bestun Salim, who was named earlier this year as a fugitive from his control order, said a person familiar with the British probe. Mr. Salim is an Islamist who was detained as a peripheral figure in a police investigation called "Operation Rhyme."

[BBC] Earlier, Ms Smith [Home Secretary] had declined to comment on reports that US Intelligence had recently warned the UK that Glasgow could be a target.

The Glasgow claim is sourced to ABC News; weirdly well-informed US sources have figured in such leaks in the past.

UPDATE: CBS News says that "inside sources" identify the the so-far un-named overseas arrest as of an Australian resident who worked in the UK. And [later update], Australian officials are confirming an arrest in Brisbane.

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