Friday, July 13, 2007

War fatigue, indeed

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque ; caption

One can't tell for sure, but it's pretty clear that Vice President Dick Cheney is asleep during this morning's PR stunt of a teleconference briefing at the White House by provincial reconstruction teams in Iraq. Incidentally, Cheney's appearance at this briefing is one of his few sightings (and none with actual words) since the 5th of June.

UPDATE: The case for a sleeping Cheney is even stronger from this angle.

FINAL UPDATE 20 JULY: Just to add on the mystery of Cheney's increasingly infrequent public appearances, here's the last known one -- at a private fundraiser (therefore no media inside) for Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss on the 16th. An authorised biography (by Stephen Hayes) of Cheney is coming out on the 24th which would be an interesting date to spring any announcement about his future.

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