Thursday, July 19, 2007

Remember the Domino

It's too much of a broken record to be going through yet another rambling George Bush Q&A like today's in Nashville (and the questions were nearly as much of a fiasco as the answers), so just this thought from him near the end on an issue that has dogged him before --

See, one of the interesting things about this war [Iraq] I forgot to tell you is, unlike, say, the Vietnam War, that if we fail in Iraq, the enemy won't be content to stay there. They will follow us here. That's what different about this struggle than some of the others we're had. What happens overseas matters.

Does he forget the rationale of the Vietnam war -- and the Cuban blockade, and the American interventions in Central America etc -- was precisely the claim that Communism wouldn't stop in one place and had in fact an ultimate goal of encircling the "free world", eventually leading to its collapse?

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