Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Full and frank exchange of views

Irish airline Ryanair seems intent on testing the limits of a public relations strategy that involves harsh criticism of one's critics -- even when those critics are the politicians that the airline ultimately depends on for goodwill in the performance of its business. And this strategy is coming right from the top, as the statements are all vintage Michael O'Leary. Today's attack is on the present Chancellor and future PM (for how long?) Gordon Brown --

using the environment to steal more taxes from ordinary air passengers

which follows yesterday's knockabout fun with Irish Opposition proposals for a second Dublin airport --

stupidity ...a scandalous waste of money

and last week's mixed metaphor onslaught against UK Environment Minister Ian Pearson --

We are the greenest airline in Europe but you know being savaged by a dead sheep - as we were by this minister this morning - is like water off a duck's back.

Leaving aside the fact that he has at least a partial point on each of his criticisms, it may also be a clever strategy to make the passengers feel better with the barebones service, since at least they are not being individually mocked by him.

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