Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Self incrimination

The latest in a series of IRA-related cases with interesting evidence, this one a continuation of one we had noted before where money was being laundered in a box of Daz --

[Irish Times, subs. req'd] The box had been opened and then resealed and refilled with washing powder. Gardaí also found a handwritten note which appeared to be a conversion table from sterling to euro. Mr Bullman's fingerprints were found on the plastic bag in which the Daz box was found.

A search of Mr Bullman's home found an investment bond in his name for €50,000, a sweet tin containing £870 sterling and a number of documents tied together with a ribbon which bore the words "Tiocfaidh Ár Lá" ["our day will come"].

.... Mr Bullman said he was at Heuston Station on his way to a Glasgow Celtic match but had changed his mind but another chef from Cork would tell the court that he and Mr Bullman travelled to Dublin to attend a catering exhibition, Mr Birmingham said.

Mr Bullman was asked during an interview about a name tag for the catering exhibition which said: "Jerry McCabe, Catering Officer, Garda Club" and he said it was " a joke in dubious taste" about the late Det Garda McCabe.

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