Thursday, January 25, 2007

New Orleans gets the Liverpool treatment

From Mark Steyn at National Review's The Corner --

Re: World's Smartest City [Mark Steyn]

Derb, I’m with you on New Orleans – welfare swamp enlivened by occasional transsexual hookers

calling to mind the column that was the beginning of the end of his sinecure at the Telegraph --

Ken Bigley [murdered Liverpool/Irish Iraq hostage] seems to have found contemporary Britain a dreary, insufficient place and I doubt he cared about who was Prime Minister from one decade to the next.

Had things gone differently and had his fate befallen some other expatriate, and had he chanced upon a month-old London newspaper in his favourite karaoke bar up near the Thai-Cambodian border and read of the entire city of Liverpool going into a week of Dianysian emotional masturbation over some deceased prodigal son with no inclination to return whom none of the massed ranks of weeping Scousers from the Lord Mayor down had ever known, Mr Bigley would surely have thanked his lucky stars that he and his Thai bride were about as far from his native sod as it's possible to get

Of course, Steyn is just following, re New Orleans, a trail blazed by Jonah Goldberg.

UPDATE: Unbelievable. Barely had Jonah's name been typed above when he steps in with additional "humour" --

Now That's a Slogan [Jonah Goldberg]

Mark describes New Orleans as a "welfare swamp enlivened by occasional transsexual hookers." I love it! I for one would pay top dollar for such a slogan on my license plate.

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