Thursday, January 11, 2007

The peasants are revolting

George Bush's first appearance before the troops in 2007 was just a rehash of his failed campaign stump speech from last year, with a few paragraphs of last night's "augmentation" mixed in. And proving yet again that he's learned nothing, he got right to explaining why his war is unpopular --

You know, I knew that right after the attacks [9/11], the American psyche being what it is, people would tend to forget the grave threat posed by these people. I knew that. As a matter of fact, I was hoping that would happen so that life would go on. But the fortunate thing for this country is that those who wear the uniform have never forgotten the threat. You understand the stakes.

i.e. it's the shallow peoples' fault -- and he knew right away they'd be shallow -- for not seeing the link between invading Iraq and preventing the next 9/11.

He also explained why it's important to have his twin daughters out partying and not lifting a finger in support of his war in Iraq, that war that other shallow people don't understand --

Some units are going to have to deploy earlier than scheduled as a result of the decision I made. Some will remain deployed longer than originally anticipated. I will work with you and the Congress to provide all the resources you need in this war on terror, and that means good equipment and training, good housing. I understand full well, if you're family is happy, you're happy. The same thing in my house, by the way. (Laughter.)

Maybe that's why he sleeps so well.

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