Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What they were doing: 2

Quite a bit of yesterday's evidence at the Scooter Libby perjury trial concerned his meeting with Judith Miller on 23 June, 2003 -- the meeting she initially "forgot" to tell prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald about (via Washington Post) --

"Deliberately and sometimes defensively offering her account in Libby's perjury trial, Miller told the jury that 'a very irritated and angry' Libby told her in a confidential conversation on June 23, 2003, that the wife of a prominent critic of the Iraq war worked at the CIA. Libby had told investigators he believed he first learned that information from another journalist nearly three weeks later -- the assertion at the core of the charges against him."

And in Iraq on that day? -

BAGHDAD - The United States announced new plans to pacify angry former Iraqi soldiers and create a new Iraqi army as two visiting U.S. senators said American soldiers could stay for more than five years.

American efforts to restore order in Iraq took another blow when an oil export pipeline, not in use since the U.S.-led war began on March 20, exploded near the Syrian border, in the third Iraqi pipeline blast this month.

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