Sunday, January 07, 2007

Media Notes

Two items of interest to Irish readers in today's New York Times. First, this about Dublin's traffic problems and the lack of action compared with more radical solutions in other European cities; Copenhagen is the counterexample. One lack of context: the arduous commute used as the main example in the story is to Lucan -- the epicentre of Liam Lawlor's rezoning shenanigans. The second is a long first person magazine article, recounting the writer's discovery and pursuit of the revelation that her occasional babysitter turned out to be the "Naas Nurse."

UPDATE: In what may be a coincidence and unrelated to the "Naas Nurse" (Noreen Mulholland) but is an intriguing development, someone living in Northern Ireland has come forward to claim that they participated in 6 assisted suicides at a hospice in Dublin in 1997-98. One possibility is that renewed attention on Mulholland's case has shaken some other consciences.

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