Wednesday, July 12, 2006

And Justice for Some

It's nice for Tony Blair that his chief fundraiser Lord Levy was able to make bail in 6 hours, infinitesimally shorter than the amount of time that the NatWest 3 will spend on bail in the US, if they're lucky, for alleged crimes committed 6 years ago in London. It does not seem that Lord Levy's rush to make bail was in any way connected with the UK government's desire to have a position of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, even though:

The prime minister's official spokesman said he could not comment on Lord Levy's arrest because "it is a party matter". He confirmed the peer was still the prime minister's Middle East envoy.

[Yes, we've done something like this one before]

UPDATE 16 July: Even Vladimir Putin notices --

But there are also other issues, such as combating corruption. And it would be very interesting to hear your views on corruption [such as the case concerning Lord Levy]. I mean, in some countries of the G8 there are some high-level corruption cases and we'd like to hear about your experience on this.

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