Sunday, July 30, 2006

Shannon: There is an alternative

It's not clear what exactly prompted the US and UK governments to jointly draw the conclusion that running military operations through civilian airports had become too much of a hot potato, but now it's happened:

Two flights carrying "hazardous" material were diverted from Prestwick to the RAF Mildenhall military base in Suffolk on Saturday evening.

There has been no official confirmation of the cargo being carried.

A spokesman for the US air force at RAF Mildenhall said the two the Atlas Air cargo flights arrived late on Saturday night. One departed on Sunday afternoon, with the other expected to follow later.

Since the US does seem to have some aversion to running these flights through military bases (otherwise they would have been doing it already), it's now more incumbent than ever on Foreign Minister Dermot Ahern to move beyond photo-op denunciations and find out exactly what is on those planes at Shannon.

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