Monday, July 31, 2006

The more things change

A few quick notes about recent items from Andrew Sullivan:

1. Props to Power Line's Scott Hinderaker for breaking with the Popular Front two years ago and finding "The Passion of the Christ" an anti-Semitic movie when he first saw it.

The dude's name is Scott "Trunk" Johnson. Andrew has him confused with John "Hindrocket" Hinderaker, who unlike "Trunk", has never written a sane post. [he has since corrected the above sentence, but forgotten that he reused the incorrect name later in the paragraph]

2. Speaking of Gibson:

Stephen Pollard notices that the BBC, Reuters, and Sky News in Britain have not reported the content of Mel Gibson's "despicable" remarks about Jews. I cannot find a reference in the Guardian/Observer either. I guess exposing anti-Semitism would be off-message given the British media's coverage of the Iran-Israel war in Lebanon.

Try to wrap your mind around that one: the British mainstream media is witholding mention of Gibson's tirade, because it's actually part of the justification for Israel's assault on Lebanon?

His conclusion: "Thank God for Drudge" -- who played no role in reporting the story.*

3. Andrew once had a bad habit of granting his e-mailers the presumption of anonymity, but violating it when it suited him. Free Stater chronicles the appearance of the trend in Ireland.

*UPDATE: In an odd, but almost certainly innocent twist, Andrew seems not to know that the website that originally broke the Gibson story with the unedited police reports,, is a sister website to his own blog, as it is owned by Time Warner. Also, the Irish version of the Sully e-mail confidentiality breach is showing slight contrition, but only after hot pursuit by Irish bloggers.

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