Friday, July 07, 2006

The Armalite in one hand and the steering wheel in the other

It's rarely worth bothering with Charles Krauthammer's columns, being just a print variation of the usual warblogger shite. But in today's column -- devoted to his outrage that the Geneva Conventions apply to George W. Bush -- he tries to show that he's not just another inside the Beltway suit with contempt for real Americans -- and gets his slang wrong:

The court tortures the reading of Common Article 3 to confer upon Hamdan -- and by extension the man for whom he rode shotgun, bin Laden -- the kind of elaborate legal protections that one expects from "civilized peoples."

The dude who "rides shotgun" sits in the passenger seat. But Hamdan was Bin Laden's driver.

One other thing. What, exactly, does he mean with his closing paragraph?

The court has decreed: There is no war -- or we will pretend so -- and henceforth it shall be conducted by the court. God save the United States. (This honorable court can fend for itself.)

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