Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Enron curse

Barely 2 weeks after the death of Ken Lay, a bizarre twist in the case of the NatWest 3 (being debated in the House of Commons today). The banker who supervised the controversial deal at the heart of the case has been found dead in east London:

He was the former head of financial markets in North America for RBS [NatWest parent]. The FBI said: "It is our policy to neither confirm or deny whether any individual has been interviewed or not regarding any case which we might be investigating.

"We have no comment to make of any sort and nor will we while this case is ongoing." One former NatWest employee facing extradition, David Bermingham, said he was "knocked sideways by the news" of Mr Coulbeck's death. "It is awful, appalling."

It is in this environment that the 3 will be on board a plane from Gatwick tomorrow, unsure when they will return to the UK.

UPDATE: RBS now denies that the deceased, Neil Coulbeck, had any direct role in the controversial deal, although he was the supervisor of the three when the deal went through.

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