Monday, July 24, 2006

Not an Irish Coffee?

The Wall Street Journal's politics blog has a brilliant catch today, presumably by virtue of having a reporter on Condi Rice's plane to the Middle East, which stopped for refuelling at Shannon. Given Condi's lack of urgency, it's a miracle she wasn't spotted taking in the sights in Clare, but that's another story. Anyway, while the plane was on the ground, Condi's party headed for the bar, at 5am. Unlucky for them however, there was a group of stranded Lebanese-American evacuees trying to get back to the US, and they were spotted. Read the entire WSJ post, but here's one of the best details:

“Aren’t you a TV person?” one woman asked [Karen] Hughes, a former press aide who was sitting at the bar sipping wine.

“Well you may have seen me on TV,” Hughes replied. She then apologized repeatedly for the group’s travails and promised to make some calls back to State. Within an hour the group appeared to be off to a hotel, though no one knew when a working plane would arrive. Suspecting Rice might be flying to Beirut — as she was — one man begged to get on her plane. “I’d rather go back,” he said

Unclear whether he meant that Beirut was better than Shannon. But what in God's name was Karen Hughes doing drinking at 5 in the morning?

[Karen's Shannon imbibing also noted at The Plank]

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