Sunday, July 30, 2006


[NOTE: Here, via YouTube, is the video discussed below.]

The Israeli military video that Fox News is currently running in heavy rotation as a justification for its attack on Qana, allegedly showing Hezbollah rockets being fired from near, not in, the building hit today, is over a week old. The date stamp is 07-22-06.

UPDATE: There's another problem. Fox News is trying to reconcile the IDF video with the claims of Qana residents that they didn't see any rockets being launched from near the building. Fox News says that this is because Hezbollah uses a "shoot and scoot" strategy -- launch the rockets from the bed of a pickup truck and leave the area. In which case, why would a fixed structure, the building, have been bombed?

[Note: the video in question ran on Weekend Live, should be here; there are now additional IDF videos circulating (e.g. here) where the date it was taken is not clear]

FINAL UPDATE: With an old, irrelevant video not doing the trick, the defenders of the Israeli strike have gone to the Katrina playbook, arguing (as with the hurricane and the levy breaches) that there were two separate events, the missile strike and the building collapse.

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