Thursday, July 20, 2006

It's not just a Stone Roses album

This attempt at a witty aside from New Republic part-owner Martin Peretz seems blissfully unaware of its alternative meanings:

No one thinks this really tiny patch of land [Sheba farms] belongs to Lebanon, no one. It actually belongs to Syria, and its disposition awaits the arrival of the Messiah or peace talks between Jerusalem and Damascus, whichever comes first.

Well Martin, with the people that you're ideologically in bed with, those events will in fact be simultaneous:

[Evangelical support of Israel]. The establishment--and continuation--of the State of Israel is essential to set the stage for the imminent return of Jesus. At the time of the Second Coming, these Christians believe, Jesus will descend from heaven, subdue all of Israel's enemies and take believers to heaven in what is known as the Rapture--literally, they will ascend to the clouds to be in heaven. This series of events ushers in the end-times. According to conservative Christians' reading of the Book of Revelation, this won't happen unless Israel exists in the Holy Land. [see also here]

Indeed, how handy for the Revelation to have the serpents assembling as well:

Anyway, Siniora [Lebanese PM] seems to have changed his mind about Hezbollah. Or is he simply speaking with the forked tongue that defines the political culture from which he has emerged?

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