Friday, November 02, 2007

Cave man

George Bush, with his favourite backdrop (troops) --

Our enemies see the changes underway, and they increasingly fear they're on the wrong side of events. Osama bin Laden -- who has to hide in caves because the United States is on his tail -- understands, has said publicly that al Qaeda's recent setbacks are mistakes -- the result of mistakes that al Qaeda has made. In other words, he recognizes the inevitable -- that the United States of America and those who long for peace in Iraq, the Iraqi citizens, will not tolerate thugs and killers in their midst. (Applause.)

He doesn't see the irony in quoting Osama's admission of mistakes, an admission that Bush would never make himself. And being "in caves" has not stopped Osama from issuing his messages -- one reason being that he's probably not actually in a cave --

Lieutenant-General Asad Durrani, former head of the powerful Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI), said news of outsiders' presence travels fast in the tribal areas and it would be hard to keep it secret for years.

"In the countryside or in tribal areas ... it's difficult to hide yourself because there people live ... and operate in a manner in which finding out about unusual presence is very important," Durrani told Reuters in an interview in London ... Durrani said an urban centre could provide a better refuge.

"Why not a big city? Anywhere in Pakistan, Afghanistan. Anywhere outside the region where it is easier to keep cover," he said. "These are the places where you can hide yourself much better."

It's easier for Osama to hide when the Commander-in-Chief of the people chasing him is fixated on his alleged location as of December 2001. The guy who never makes mistakes.

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