Tuesday, November 06, 2007

He mentioned the bisque

At the White House, Nicolas Sarkozy is at last getting the lobster that he didn't get in Maine, while reading the guest list requires seeing a lot of "honorables" before people like Dick Cheney and Ed Gillespie. The protocol people forgot that Rachida Dati's exact title includes Guardian of the Seals, and it's an interesting choice of Sarko to have her there along with Rama Yade (above). Condi might have some competitition in the dress sweepstakes.

We'll have to figure out how (possibly former) Mets pitcher Tom Glavine made the cut. The future Bush in-laws, via Jenna (the Hagers) will be there too, although the father-in-law's surname is currently mis-spelled ("Spouse of Mr. John Hagar")1.

UPDATE: watertiger works through the pictures.

1Since corrected

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